Investigate Gilramore Keep

Gilramore Keep has not accepted messengers in two fortnights. No news can reach them of the coming Orc Invasion. Find a way into the keep and investigate.


Bandits were outside the keep, lead by whats her face and Diamond Billy. They had been trying for weeks (months?) to break into the keep without any success. They were able to build a rope and pulley system to cross the river. The whole group was killed by our Heros, with the help of Rumbly Strips

The whole dang thing got lifted in the air! Some crazy gnome/dwarf magic there. Evil Lady threw the Heros down into the depths of the keep to fight snakes, people, and snake-people.

Everyone was under happy spell from the beer. The Heros broke the spell and got everyone (who want to) safely back to Farspring. Also met Long in Beard, the helpful dwarf that Atazoth the cursed almost killed. Don’t remember where he ended up.

Why was Evil Lady there? Did she put the people under the spell? Is she working with the snake people as well as the orcs? Will Gilramore Keep survive the invasion?

Investigate Gilramore Keep

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