Hunting the Gromarkiller Clan

The Gromarkiller clan of Orcs is the largest known clan that is currently a part of the expected Orc invasion brewing in the east, across the Barewald. The invasion consists of ten….. THOUSAND, TEN THOUSAND ORCS.

Gromarkiller war parties have been raiding and scouting east of Farspring. Scout Reade has the idea that a trap could be sprung if a Gromarkiller chieftain could be convinced to split hordes when the attack on Farspring occurs.

A mage skilled in enchantment and persuasion is rumored to live in the town of Warrington, this individual might know of a way to convince an Orc chieftain that a certain plan of attack might be better.

Alternatively, a hunter of Orcs has been known to patrol the lands around Gilramore Keep. Maybe the members of the keep can help find him?

The mage, Hamath, has agreed to help by remaking the Staff of Geas which could be used to brainwash a chief or vice-chief of a smaller clan.

The orc hunter, Rumbly Strips, thinks the plan could work, but our Heros would have to target a smaller clan/group in secret. A big juicy target for raiding and looting could do the trick.

Williame and his crew say the orc hoard is getting closer, starting to make small raids nearby, and killing some of his watch.

Hunting the Gromarkiller Clan

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