The Defenders of Farspring

Return to the Village of Overconfident Dodo Heads

The group exits the (now purified) Temple of Phuerte and rests for the night. Naza gives the group the remaining gold pieces for their assistance. 75gp. Barry gains inspiration. Upon awakening, the group begins the 2 days treck back to Warrington. We return to the wizard, Hammond. Ata gives Hammond his staff. He agrees to lift the spell on the village and proceeds to use the staff to break the spell. The staff explodes as the spell its lifted. Caisys asks Hammond about Ogaris. Ogaris is Hammond’s former lover and a powerful witch. Their relationship was over 100 years ago. She is the witch of the bear vault. She uses transformation/shapeshifting magic. She destroyed the relic of the bear vault and feeds off its energy. The bear vault, to the north, held power for other shapeshifting creatures. She appears in various forms. Hammond offers to show the group the area where the bear vault may be. The shapeshifting magic causes the surrounding terrain to also shift. Hammond offers to create a tool to help guide us. It will take him 3 weeks to enchant the item.

The villagers all awake from their overconfident stupor. They begin to scramble to prepare to leave. The group travels to the village. Barry persuades the village to come under our protection and head to Farspring. Barry gathers 20 men and boys to act as a militia. The whole village and party will be leaving at first light. The Village has 250 members and the journey will take 5 days. The party and militia surround the traveling village. As we travel, there are fires in the distance, signs of the orc bands.

The party travels for one day. Ru finds a boar. Ru and Ryno go to kill the boar. They kill two giant 600lb boars. And they return them to the villagers. Caisys finds an appropriate location for the evening’s camp. Village has a pig roast for the evening!


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