The Defenders of Farspring

Safe Haven in Farspring; Day 2 to 4
Escape to Helm's Deep

Afternoon Day 2 of travel. The day is hot. Ata, Naza, and Ru attempt to maintain health of villagers and try to keep people cool. Three teenage boys are causing trouble. Barry gives the boys to Ryno to watch. At the end of the day Barry holds a training session with the militia and boys. The boys gain respect for Barry and what we are trying to do. Stress level rises to 7/10. After the night watches begin a family makes to leave the camp. Ru is on watch and allows them to leave. When Barry wakes, he’s upset. At Caisys’ watch she notices a storm in the distance. She has the families hunker down to weather the storm. Ru rescues the entire village from the storm using Call Lightning. The stress level decreases to 6/10. On the road, we come across the family that left in the middle of the night, soaked through and disheartened. They said in the night they saw two flying fires. Ata lies through his rumpity rump, telling the family that there are little fire bugs in the area.

As we continue, we come upon a river with a collapsed/washed out bridge. We consult maps to find another bridge to cross. There exists a sizable bridge about 2-3 hours north. We choose to travel there to cross. The bridge is intact. Ata, Barry, and Ryno escort villagers across The bridge. Ru and Caisys scout to the north and find frog like creatures racing towards the bridge and the villagers. We kill 6 Frog Kritten Kippers. We camp the night on the other side of the bridge because Caisys couldn’t find a better place.

In the night Naza sees two flying torches in the sky. She is unable to identify the creatures or their mounts. They hover above the camp before flying away to the northeast. Start of day four.

Return to the Village of Overconfident Dodo Heads

The group exits the (now purified) Temple of Phuerte and rests for the night. Naza gives the group the remaining gold pieces for their assistance. 75gp. Barry gains inspiration. Upon awakening, the group begins the 2 days treck back to Warrington. We return to the wizard, Hammond. Ata gives Hammond his staff. He agrees to lift the spell on the village and proceeds to use the staff to break the spell. The staff explodes as the spell its lifted. Caisys asks Hammond about Ogaris. Ogaris is Hammond’s former lover and a powerful witch. Their relationship was over 100 years ago. She is the witch of the bear vault. She uses transformation/shapeshifting magic. She destroyed the relic of the bear vault and feeds off its energy. The bear vault, to the north, held power for other shapeshifting creatures. She appears in various forms. Hammond offers to show the group the area where the bear vault may be. The shapeshifting magic causes the surrounding terrain to also shift. Hammond offers to create a tool to help guide us. It will take him 3 weeks to enchant the item.

The villagers all awake from their overconfident stupor. They begin to scramble to prepare to leave. The group travels to the village. Barry persuades the village to come under our protection and head to Farspring. Barry gathers 20 men and boys to act as a militia. The whole village and party will be leaving at first light. The Village has 250 members and the journey will take 5 days. The party and militia surround the traveling village. As we travel, there are fires in the distance, signs of the orc bands.

The party travels for one day. Ru finds a boar. Ru and Ryno go to kill the boar. They kill two giant 600lb boars. And they return them to the villagers. Caisys finds an appropriate location for the evening’s camp. Village has a pig roast for the evening!

Twin Staves
Whats-his-face is dead (Soren)

Post pyro hydra the adventures see a definitely dead dude with two staves. Ata goes to rummage through his robes…naughty Ata. He finds a variety of magical components, a spell book written in his own hand, a letter, and a coin pouch with 73 gold and 40 electrum.

The letter reads: “Soren, return with this staff charged. Don’t daly. The Gromar Killer Clan don’t like waiting. Use the shard to get in. Xoxo Ogaris.”

A purple gem shard falls out as the letter is unfurled.

Naza acquires the staff of fireballs. The other staff is the staff that Hamath seeks, the Geas staff. The group takes the other staff.

There’s another door in the room. We tried to open #failures. We head back out of the balls ass hot shrine and take a long rest. The rest passes uneventfully.

The adventurers return to the hydra’s lair. Round two with the door. Success! Naza is able to recharge the staff using some of the magic items recovered from the apprentice. The staff now has 50 charges. A charge equals either 2x level 3 fireball or 1x level 5 fireball. One charge may be used per day.

The next room is all labyrinthine and ornate. The tiles can be used to navigate the maze. The adventurers travel through the maze. Caisys disarms a trap. Team enters a room at the end of the corridor. The room contains a pillar also depicting the maze. The Team uses teamwork to push over the pillar. And the labyrinthine corridor loses its magic. Group earns 300xp.

Ryno kicks in door….trap triggers. Ryno, Barry, Ruh, poisoned.
3 wisdom dug. Opening The door reveals 3 mephits. #fightscene

So much win! We continue to investigate the Shrine. A room houses magmen. #fightscene

Winners! This room has statues of Moreden and an iron chest. We Find 600 silver pieces and a scroll. Devine scroll of inflict wounds. 100xp from day’s encounters.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Post Lava Pit

In the Shrine of Phuerte after the fire well, it’s hot enough to effect the companions’ constitution. Once an hour. Ryno investigates the unopened door to the north. Barry investigates the door to the south. Ryno flings open his door which leads to another large room. The room is similar to the main shrine room. There are two additional exits from the room. One door is a portcullis. Ata, Ryno, Ru, and Caisys enter the room. Caisys notices bat like fire creatures on the ceiling. #fightscene fire bats are resistant to fire and explode upon defeat. The group emerges victorious. The Team takes a short rest.

Upon resuming adventures, Ryno opens the portcullis. It leads to a hallway with two additional doors. Ata examines the first stone door. The door is locked. Ryno fails to bash the door in. Caisys successfully picks the lock.

The room is dark minus a hole/chimney burned through the ceiling. A door exists on the other side of the room. Upon spider investigation by Ru, a multi headed serpent hears us from the other side and looks pissed.

Totally a hydra. Bonus: hydra takes damage when heads are destroyed. Team is victorious!

Each member gains 940xp from the pyro hydra and the mephits.

For next session: loot bodies and take long rest outside of stupid hot shrine.

Enter the Creepy Forest/Shrine
Barry gets reamed

After defeating the hags the party rests for the night. At morning, the group ventures into the forest.

We reach a cave appearing to be built and not natural. The entrance bears a written pledge to Barry’s God, Moriden. Barry does not sense any purity from the Shrine. An entrance large enough for a person has been cleared out. As we enter, Barry gets reamed by the dwarven Gods in a mystical vision. He is required to stay at the entrance until he purifies the area. The party leaves him to do his thing…incense….mumbling…the works.

in the shrine of MYGOD (barry’s god). barry was unable to continue past the shrine entrance due to the gods reaming him.

further down a series of corridors, the party encounters a room with a hammer in the middle and was ambushed upon entering.

2 fire elemental demons (glass cannons)
Ryno bites the dirt
Ata bestows 9 temp hp. Ryno Rages.
+380 XP from abashi

group long rests, but is interrupted by extreme heat and exhaustion. the group moves to the outside and finishes the long rest and re-groups with barry.
together the party moves back to the room that houses Moradin’s Hammer.

Studdying the shrine, chaose is found to be desecrating the area. barry continues to search for a method for dispelling the aura while the party continues to explore the area. Ryno gets fucked by hallway traps.

A wild well appears in a room at one of the corridors.

meanwhile Barry removes the aura and the shrine moves to reveal a treasure chest with:
+  2000 silver pieces
2 scrolls
1 potion

+320 XP for the traps

Special Quest - Naza
Weekend at Atazoth's

We wake at the tavern and find it bustling with people. Refugees are filing through the city stopping at the inn. A barmaid asks to take our rooms for the rich newcomers. Atazoth is unable to wake (through violence or otherwise) and seems to have nightmares. We decide to carry him on our adventures.

As we attempt to leave the inn, a female sorcerer stands in the doorway seeking our help. Her name is Naza and she seeks a fireball staff from Warrington town. We agree to help.

Ryno sells the vampiric daggers and swords for 30 gp to Jullian.

Barry takes the unknown magic scroll from the vampire tomb to Yannick who tells him it’s a scroll of longstrider. One time use. Increases speed by ten for One hour.

A wizard is currently in possession of the fireball staff. The staff is located at the Shrine of Phuerte. The wizard killed Naza’s family and stole her family’s precious heirloom, the (Dragon Staff). She seeks revenge and the return of her family’s treasure. The group accepts for a fee of 150gp. Half now and half on delivery.

The group travels southwest towards Warrington. During the night we see fires far to the north, warning of the impending orcish horde.

The next morning we arrive at Warrington. Everything appears business as usual. No apparent concern is seen among the villagers. A tower sits perched upon a hill on the east side of town. Naza investigates the town. The villagers seem a little off…a little too happy. Forceful bartering. The shops seem to be higher end shops. Ryno and Ru go into a jewelry shop.

The shop owner mentions a wizard looks at the shapeshifting ring. The ring offers +2AC and +5 hp.

Ryno buys an apprentice jewellers kit with jewelry guide and practice supplies for 15gp.

The group heads to the inn in search of ale and answers. The wizard’s name is Haamoth and he lives in the tower east of town.

We head out to the wizard’s tower. There it’s a large group (20) of children 15 to 16, dragging an Ankeg. They laugh gleefully, throwing rocks. An old lady and some adults are in attendance. They intend to harvest it for the chitten.

We continue up towards the wizard’s tower. We knock. We use Atazoth’s unconsciousness to enter the wizard’s study. He is a thin, wizened old man. Haamoth wakes Atazoth. He charmed the town into being go-getters. He has little care for the villagers and plans to leave before the horde arrives. Serun, Haamoth’s apprentice, has both the fireball staff and one of the wizard’s staffs. He went to recharge the fireball staff at the Shrine of Phuerte. Haamoth needs his staff to break the spell he inadvertently placed on the village. Serun was to have returned two weeks ago.

We head out tho the shrine seeking the staffs. The land is nice.

We travel 4 days seeking the shrine. We find three abandoned dilapidated buildings and followed an ancient river to a groove. During Caisys’ guard shift she hears something that sounds like a wounded deer. She investigates and gets attacked by a spell that makes her nauseated.

The party awakes and fights three green hags with an AC18. Party grains 666xp.

Loot 5 dwarven etched tokens. Given to Barry.

Team performs long rest.

adventures of 6-28-16
team awesome

the party is moving back to [farspring] after retriving the [star of the barrons]. Midday

2x per 24hrs for the lightning gauntlets

ryno: goes to blacksmith
[flyn]-concerned father regarding peeping bears

Starting after the encounter with the bears.
Ruhala’s family found him
sister Myrid
brother Ragnal
other younger brother Colum
father  Ruride

Ragnal went in search of the witch that cursed the “ursan” species.

DM: -50 DKP for bear puns
I wonder what koalafies as a bear pun.
Ryno and Barry decide to go hunting for deer…. they find an albino troll.

Ata climbs tree and fastens the Star of the Barrens to the tree.
rests under the tree and contemplates life….

weather gets colder and clouds darken around atazoth
lightning knocks Ata unconcious. begins raining, clouds dissapear.

Ata: dreams of draggons flying through the sky (different colors) the dream is one of searching/seeking/questing. one loud roar of the dragon and ata awakes and feels different and with changes in his memory. New power felt within.
Atazoth the cursed

A shit ton of scars remain in place of the tatoos
1 half of the shackle remains with 1 red jewel. (charred)

XP: 650 DXP

Post Vampire Murder
All the treasure

Bone pillar crumbles revealing a treasure chest.

Ata gets yellow gems
Makes tattoo all glowy

5 swords
2 daggers

Barry digs through sarcophagus bone dust, revealing magical scroll.

Caisys opens black treasure chest
Filed with old timey coins
Leather fingerless gloves for Caisys – too big
Gifted leather gloves to Ryno.
510 old copper pieces w eagle
9000 silver pieces unknown bird
1300 gold pieces con Dragon
Bronze ring with shapeshifting eagle – RuRu

Gain 1260 xp

Return to the horses and carriage. Find children playing nearby. They run away. Ata tells his story passively to the children. They don’t seem fear us much. They say the area seems nicer. They talk to the horses and leave till head back to the village.

Long rest
Ru attunes to ring.

Atazoth dyes the grey sack black to accommodate his tattoo translation. Ru’s ring has a monkey on it. Ryno’s leather gloves have developed dark yellow lightning bolts in the leather.

We head back down into the crypt to the screaming stairs that lead down which were inaccessible earlier. Still inaccessible. Daylight globe does nothing. New yellow gem does nothing. Attend to later…

Leave crypt. Leave the graveyard. Charlie Horse falls in a freshly dug pit spraining his ankle. Caisys casts cure wounds. Head to small village on way back to Farspring. Village seems closed down in middle of day. Ata and Barry investigate. Ru transforms into a cat and his bronze ring also changes to show a cat. The Village doesn’t want the curse of the Dragon. Party leaves.

Party returns to Farspring.

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