The Defenders of Farspring

Special Quest - Naza

Weekend at Atazoth's

We wake at the tavern and find it bustling with people. Refugees are filing through the city stopping at the inn. A barmaid asks to take our rooms for the rich newcomers. Atazoth is unable to wake (through violence or otherwise) and seems to have nightmares. We decide to carry him on our adventures.

As we attempt to leave the inn, a female sorcerer stands in the doorway seeking our help. Her name is Naza and she seeks a fireball staff from Warrington town. We agree to help.

Ryno sells the vampiric daggers and swords for 30 gp to Jullian.

Barry takes the unknown magic scroll from the vampire tomb to Yannick who tells him it’s a scroll of longstrider. One time use. Increases speed by ten for One hour.

A wizard is currently in possession of the fireball staff. The staff is located at the Shrine of Phuerte. The wizard killed Naza’s family and stole her family’s precious heirloom, the (Dragon Staff). She seeks revenge and the return of her family’s treasure. The group accepts for a fee of 150gp. Half now and half on delivery.

The group travels southwest towards Warrington. During the night we see fires far to the north, warning of the impending orcish horde.

The next morning we arrive at Warrington. Everything appears business as usual. No apparent concern is seen among the villagers. A tower sits perched upon a hill on the east side of town. Naza investigates the town. The villagers seem a little off…a little too happy. Forceful bartering. The shops seem to be higher end shops. Ryno and Ru go into a jewelry shop.

The shop owner mentions a wizard looks at the shapeshifting ring. The ring offers +2AC and +5 hp.

Ryno buys an apprentice jewellers kit with jewelry guide and practice supplies for 15gp.

The group heads to the inn in search of ale and answers. The wizard’s name is Haamoth and he lives in the tower east of town.

We head out to the wizard’s tower. There it’s a large group (20) of children 15 to 16, dragging an Ankeg. They laugh gleefully, throwing rocks. An old lady and some adults are in attendance. They intend to harvest it for the chitten.

We continue up towards the wizard’s tower. We knock. We use Atazoth’s unconsciousness to enter the wizard’s study. He is a thin, wizened old man. Haamoth wakes Atazoth. He charmed the town into being go-getters. He has little care for the villagers and plans to leave before the horde arrives. Serun, Haamoth’s apprentice, has both the fireball staff and one of the wizard’s staffs. He went to recharge the fireball staff at the Shrine of Phuerte. Haamoth needs his staff to break the spell he inadvertently placed on the village. Serun was to have returned two weeks ago.

We head out tho the shrine seeking the staffs. The land is nice.

We travel 4 days seeking the shrine. We find three abandoned dilapidated buildings and followed an ancient river to a groove. During Caisys’ guard shift she hears something that sounds like a wounded deer. She investigates and gets attacked by a spell that makes her nauseated.

The party awakes and fights three green hags with an AC18. Party grains 666xp.

Loot 5 dwarven etched tokens. Given to Barry.

Team performs long rest.


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