The Defenders of Farspring

Twin Staves

Whats-his-face is dead (Soren)

Post pyro hydra the adventures see a definitely dead dude with two staves. Ata goes to rummage through his robes…naughty Ata. He finds a variety of magical components, a spell book written in his own hand, a letter, and a coin pouch with 73 gold and 40 electrum.

The letter reads: “Soren, return with this staff charged. Don’t daly. The Gromar Killer Clan don’t like waiting. Use the shard to get in. Xoxo Ogaris.”

A purple gem shard falls out as the letter is unfurled.

Naza acquires the staff of fireballs. The other staff is the staff that Hamath seeks, the Geas staff. The group takes the other staff.

There’s another door in the room. We tried to open #failures. We head back out of the balls ass hot shrine and take a long rest. The rest passes uneventfully.

The adventurers return to the hydra’s lair. Round two with the door. Success! Naza is able to recharge the staff using some of the magic items recovered from the apprentice. The staff now has 50 charges. A charge equals either 2x level 3 fireball or 1x level 5 fireball. One charge may be used per day.

The next room is all labyrinthine and ornate. The tiles can be used to navigate the maze. The adventurers travel through the maze. Caisys disarms a trap. Team enters a room at the end of the corridor. The room contains a pillar also depicting the maze. The Team uses teamwork to push over the pillar. And the labyrinthine corridor loses its magic. Group earns 300xp.

Ryno kicks in door….trap triggers. Ryno, Barry, Ruh, poisoned.
3 wisdom dug. Opening The door reveals 3 mephits. #fightscene

So much win! We continue to investigate the Shrine. A room houses magmen. #fightscene

Winners! This room has statues of Moreden and an iron chest. We Find 600 silver pieces and a scroll. Devine scroll of inflict wounds. 100xp from day’s encounters.



Staff may be used twice a day to cast a level 3 fireball (as a level 5 wizard). Consumes one charge each cast.

OR, up to once a day, may consume 2 charges to cast a level 5 fireball (as a level 7 wizard). If a level 3 fireball has already been cast that day, this cannot be used.

Twin Staves
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