The Defenders of Farspring

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Post Lava Pit

In the Shrine of Phuerte after the fire well, it’s hot enough to effect the companions’ constitution. Once an hour. Ryno investigates the unopened door to the north. Barry investigates the door to the south. Ryno flings open his door which leads to another large room. The room is similar to the main shrine room. There are two additional exits from the room. One door is a portcullis. Ata, Ryno, Ru, and Caisys enter the room. Caisys notices bat like fire creatures on the ceiling. #fightscene fire bats are resistant to fire and explode upon defeat. The group emerges victorious. The Team takes a short rest.

Upon resuming adventures, Ryno opens the portcullis. It leads to a hallway with two additional doors. Ata examines the first stone door. The door is locked. Ryno fails to bash the door in. Caisys successfully picks the lock.

The room is dark minus a hole/chimney burned through the ceiling. A door exists on the other side of the room. Upon spider investigation by Ru, a multi headed serpent hears us from the other side and looks pissed.

Totally a hydra. Bonus: hydra takes damage when heads are destroyed. Team is victorious!

Each member gains 940xp from the pyro hydra and the mephits.

For next session: loot bodies and take long rest outside of stupid hot shrine.


andrew_t_holm emmzimm

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