The Defenders of Farspring

Safe Haven in Farspring; Day 2 to 4

Escape to Helm's Deep

Afternoon Day 2 of travel. The day is hot. Ata, Naza, and Ru attempt to maintain health of villagers and try to keep people cool. Three teenage boys are causing trouble. Barry gives the boys to Ryno to watch. At the end of the day Barry holds a training session with the militia and boys. The boys gain respect for Barry and what we are trying to do. Stress level rises to 7/10. After the night watches begin a family makes to leave the camp. Ru is on watch and allows them to leave. When Barry wakes, he’s upset. At Caisys’ watch she notices a storm in the distance. She has the families hunker down to weather the storm. Ru rescues the entire village from the storm using Call Lightning. The stress level decreases to 6/10. On the road, we come across the family that left in the middle of the night, soaked through and disheartened. They said in the night they saw two flying fires. Ata lies through his rumpity rump, telling the family that there are little fire bugs in the area.

As we continue, we come upon a river with a collapsed/washed out bridge. We consult maps to find another bridge to cross. There exists a sizable bridge about 2-3 hours north. We choose to travel there to cross. The bridge is intact. Ata, Barry, and Ryno escort villagers across The bridge. Ru and Caisys scout to the north and find frog like creatures racing towards the bridge and the villagers. We kill 6 Frog Kritten Kippers. We camp the night on the other side of the bridge because Caisys couldn’t find a better place.

In the night Naza sees two flying torches in the sky. She is unable to identify the creatures or their mounts. They hover above the camp before flying away to the northeast. Start of day four.


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