The Defenders of Farspring

Post Vampire Murder

All the treasure

Bone pillar crumbles revealing a treasure chest.

Ata gets yellow gems
Makes tattoo all glowy

5 swords
2 daggers

Barry digs through sarcophagus bone dust, revealing magical scroll.

Caisys opens black treasure chest
Filed with old timey coins
Leather fingerless gloves for Caisys – too big
Gifted leather gloves to Ryno.
510 old copper pieces w eagle
9000 silver pieces unknown bird
1300 gold pieces con Dragon
Bronze ring with shapeshifting eagle – RuRu

Gain 1260 xp

Return to the horses and carriage. Find children playing nearby. They run away. Ata tells his story passively to the children. They don’t seem fear us much. They say the area seems nicer. They talk to the horses and leave till head back to the village.

Long rest
Ru attunes to ring.

Atazoth dyes the grey sack black to accommodate his tattoo translation. Ru’s ring has a monkey on it. Ryno’s leather gloves have developed dark yellow lightning bolts in the leather.

We head back down into the crypt to the screaming stairs that lead down which were inaccessible earlier. Still inaccessible. Daylight globe does nothing. New yellow gem does nothing. Attend to later…

Leave crypt. Leave the graveyard. Charlie Horse falls in a freshly dug pit spraining his ankle. Caisys casts cure wounds. Head to small village on way back to Farspring. Village seems closed down in middle of day. Ata and Barry investigate. Ru transforms into a cat and his bronze ring also changes to show a cat. The Village doesn’t want the curse of the Dragon. Party leaves.

Party returns to Farspring.


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