The Defenders of Farspring

Enter the Creepy Forest/Shrine

Barry gets reamed

After defeating the hags the party rests for the night. At morning, the group ventures into the forest.

We reach a cave appearing to be built and not natural. The entrance bears a written pledge to Barry’s God, Moriden. Barry does not sense any purity from the Shrine. An entrance large enough for a person has been cleared out. As we enter, Barry gets reamed by the dwarven Gods in a mystical vision. He is required to stay at the entrance until he purifies the area. The party leaves him to do his thing…incense….mumbling…the works.

in the shrine of MYGOD (barry’s god). barry was unable to continue past the shrine entrance due to the gods reaming him.

further down a series of corridors, the party encounters a room with a hammer in the middle and was ambushed upon entering.

2 fire elemental demons (glass cannons)
Ryno bites the dirt
Ata bestows 9 temp hp. Ryno Rages.
+380 XP from abashi

group long rests, but is interrupted by extreme heat and exhaustion. the group moves to the outside and finishes the long rest and re-groups with barry.
together the party moves back to the room that houses Moradin’s Hammer.

Studdying the shrine, chaose is found to be desecrating the area. barry continues to search for a method for dispelling the aura while the party continues to explore the area. Ryno gets fucked by hallway traps.

A wild well appears in a room at one of the corridors.

meanwhile Barry removes the aura and the shrine moves to reveal a treasure chest with:
+  2000 silver pieces
2 scrolls
1 potion

+320 XP for the traps


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