The Defenders of Farspring

adventures of 6-28-16

team awesome

the party is moving back to [farspring] after retriving the [star of the barrons]. Midday

2x per 24hrs for the lightning gauntlets

ryno: goes to blacksmith
[flyn]-concerned father regarding peeping bears

Starting after the encounter with the bears.
Ruhala’s family found him
sister Myrid
brother Ragnal
other younger brother Colum
fatherĀ  Ruride

Ragnal went in search of the witch that cursed the “ursan” species.

DM: -50 DKP for bear puns
I wonder what koalafies as a bear pun.
Ryno and Barry decide to go hunting for deer…. they find an albino troll.

Ata climbs tree and fastens the Star of the Barrens to the tree.
rests under the tree and contemplates life….

weather gets colder and clouds darken around atazoth
lightning knocks Ata unconcious. begins raining, clouds dissapear.

Ata: dreams of draggons flying through the sky (different colors) the dream is one of searching/seeking/questing. one loud roar of the dragon and ata awakes and feels different and with changes in his memory. New power felt within.
Atazoth the cursed

A shit ton of scars remain in place of the tatoos
1 half of the shackle remains with 1 red jewel. (charred)

XP: 650 DXP


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